First, in Dreams EP

by Oliver Waterman

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released June 18, 2013

All music/lyrics written by Oliver Waterman
Recorded at Back Bay Towers in Portland, ME by Oliver Waterman December 2012 - June 2013
Mixed and mastered by Erik Neilson, except for "Geronimo," mastered by Frank Hopkins
Artwork by Erik Neilson

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all rights reserved


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Lorem Ipsum Recordings is an independent record label based in Portland, ME.

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Track Name: My Muse
my muse lyrics
one time you thought me good, oh good, just as you should
one time you thought me right, oh right, as the light
one time you thought me yours, oh yours, for no more. can you see it comin down on you.
love you miss lady music my muse
love you miss lady music my muse
one time I thought you right, right as the light.
one time I thought you perfect, oh perfect as the per
one time I thought you mine, oh mine
love you miss lady music my muse
love you miss lady music my muse
Track Name: Geronimo
I haunt your doors in the dim light gleaming,
not so you'll see but so you'll pass through
I dare myself like id dare a stranger
I live my words like Geronimo

dames for the Dr. dogs for the doorman, they never worry for the lesser of man. the gods only chosen is God's own forgotten. a blessed one dies so the tortured have reason. don't go inside you wont come out alive, I'll test the odds cause I believe in cheating.

no, don't go inside, I'm naked and I'm looming. you don't deserve to feel the presence of me screaming, screaming with you. with just one thought your world turns to ashes, with just one word your loved ones turn to run to run.
Track Name: The Together
I could never let this go, that's what I would have said, instead of all these passions run dry.
we could never sleep by ourselves this night, we are, live so alone
where do we go when we know there's no, where to run
where should we find solace in ourselves when we are together
well, it seems the world has chosen this path, I wont follow I'll jump off this cliff that's left, for me to fly to the depths of my soul, wile you take it back from all that we have fought, we fought for you, we fought for you, we fought for you
where do we go when know there's no where to run
where do we go with ourselves together
Track Name: Where We Dream
can you see, can you see, what we would dream for, what you dream for. it's not like this anymore.
I see, whats an echo of your past breathing it's last, and the words of lying in the trap of all your secret laughs you, fall away to see your dreams burn and fall
what we dream for, what we dream for, it never was like this.
what do we say to the end when we see it come to this, oh, what we dream for, it never was like this